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Welcome to meet the darkness,the cold and the warm hospitality — at the launch of the 18th edition of Stockholm Design Week!

AS ONE OF the major centers of contemporary European innovation, Stockholm attracts the very cutting-edge international entrepreneurs, tech start-ups and students, but the city is also a fascinating destination for visitors to explore. We are passionate about helping companies and talent flourish through conversation and the exchange of knowledge.

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DURING FEBRUARY 2019 Stockholm Design Week will host more than 200 design events throughout the city, and this edition will also have a special focus on select architectural destinations. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the heart of and the platform for Stockholm Design Week, and visitors can also enjoy 70,000 m2 of innovative and sustainable Scandinavian design at Stockholmsmässan. During the week, the city will come alive and be buzzing with designers, architects, producers – and everyone with an interest in design and innovation!

NEW FOR THIS edition is also the public access event

25h Design, which will be held Feb 8–9. For 25 hours, the design scene invites everyone with an interest in design to take part in inspiring happenings all over the city.
Let’s get together!


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