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Treat yourself in the bedroom!

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Are you looking for a slightly more luxurious feeling in the bedroom? Klässbols Linneväveri and Gastaldi & C. have bed linen for you who cares about both quality, comfort, and sustainability. Hope you find inspiration to update in the bedroom!

Creates a high cosiness factor in the bedroom

Bedding from the traditional Gastaldi & C. is made of 100% cotton. Available in cream and white. Available in sheets, duvet covers and pillows with or without wings.

Did you know that?

Gastaldi & C. is a valuable product addition to Klässbol's range. They are an Italian company located on Lake Como that has provided famous hotels and dukes with bed linen for almost 100 years. Klässbols Linneväveri is proud and happy to be one of their retailers in Scandinavia.

Product information

Gastaldi Raso bed linen cream in 100% cotton

Design: Gastaldi & C.

Color: also available in white

Dimensions: 50x60 cm - 240x280 cm

Rec consumer price: 178 - 1842 sek

Crispy bed linen in white

Bed linen as in a hotel. Klässbol's Jungru bed linen is a smooth linen fabric that is available in pillowcases with wings and sheets. Of course, the fabric is 100% environmentally friendly for an extra safe sleep. Picture of the product can be seen on slide two.

Tip! For the handy person who wants to sew duvet covers, the fabric is also sold by the meter. Contact Klässbols or order Junfru fabric here.

Product information

Jungfru bed linen white in full linen

Model: Available in pillowcases with wing, sheets and fabric

Dimensions: 50x60 cm pillowcase, 180x280 cm - 240x280 cm sheets

Rec consumer price pillowcases and sheets: from 533 - 2117 sek

Rec consumer price per meter item: width 180 cm - 616 sek / meter, width 240 cm - 821 sek / meter

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