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"In parallel we are also developing a digital complement"

Indhold fra partner Hvad er dette?

Planning is well under way for Formex in August 2021. So we've taken the opportunity to ask our project manager, Sara Ek, a few quick questions about what's going on at the moment.

Hi Sara! Tell us about the plans for Formex this year.
"Planning is in progress for Formex in August and we're working towards both a face-to-face event and online activities. In conversations and surveys with both exhibitors and visitors, we see that there is both a desire and a need for the physical marketplace. Naturally, we'll be monitoring the development of COVID-19 and we'll announce whether the event will be able to open as planned by latest June 15th. As an exhibitor, you can feel reassured that in case the fair can’t take place, your registration fee will be carried over to the next Formex and you won't be invoiced for the stand."

What alternatives are you working on in case Formex can't open at Stockholmsmässan this August?
"What we've learned over the past year is that in terms of restrictions, a lot of things can change in a short time. So we're working on digital activities as part of the content. These activities will take place online regardless whether the fair can open or not in August. Our program of seminars and Formex Trends are two examples of that. In parallel with this, we're also developing a digital complement where exhibitors can meet customers and present news products. More information about this will come."

What new things have you got planned for Formex in August?
"We plan Formex in two halls, Hall A and Hall C, as requested by exhibitors. The fact that large parts of the program will be taking place online no matter what is also new. It means that you as an exhibitor and visitors will be able to engage with interesting content even outside the event's opening hours. We also know that many exhibitors would like to get industry updates, information and inspiration and therefore, in the spring we will produce a series of seminars with expert speakers on interesting topics, that booked exhibitors can attend."
Finally, is there anything you would like to add?
"Yes, we're looking forward to August and really longing to be able to open a Formex where the whole industry can meet and where we'll see each other again!"

Longing to meet you!

Best regards,
Sara Ek and team-Formex


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