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Meet dots.recycling at Circular Furniture Days

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At Lifestyle & Design Clusters Circular Furniture Days 2023 under 3daysofdesign in Designmuseum Danmarks museumgarden you can meet 34 companies and brands that work with solutions pointing towards more circular solutions.

Dots.Recycling is a Danish IMPACT start-up specializing in upcycling and recycling used tennis- and padel balls and turning them into furniture pads.

According to the brand, more than 1 billion tennis- & padel balls are produced, used, and thrown away yearly. More than 32 balls per second end up in a landfill or burned.
Dots.Recycling believes every product deserves a second life, so all their furniture pads are made from 100% upcycled tennis- & padel balls to protect furniture legs, hardwood, laminate, or tiled floors.

The quality of Dots.Recycling pads have been validated by the Danish Institute of Technology, which has completed a durability test where the pads still provided effective protection after 11.500 completed cycles (one cycle = moving chair back and forth one time) - This puts Dots.Recycling at the top regarding durability and quality on the market for furniture pads.

Dots.Recycling strives to maximize the lifetime value of the materials they collect,
in addition to producing furniture pads from used tennis- and padel balls, they develop acoustic panels, playground flooring, shoes, and insoles from the waste material from the production.


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