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LIND DNA Reveals New Innovative Furniture Concepts during 3daysofdesign

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During 3daysofdesign, LIND DNA invites you to explore their latest designs of innovative and multifunctional furniture – combining simple lines, a recurring sustainable material and fine craftsmanship.

LIND DNA was founded in 2013 with the ambition to inspire consumers with table setting products and to rethink interior design from a sustainable perspective. LIND DNA makes no compromises with the quality and aesthetics of their products while simultaneously striving to reduce their environmental footprint.

Preben Lind, owner and designer behind LIND DNA, explains: “Sustainability runs deep in our veins and has been an essential part of our corporate DNA since the very beginning. We design and produce locally in Denmark and the bedrock of most of our designs is OEKO-TEX certified, recycled leather, which also is a recurring design feature in our new furniture concepts”.

Sourced from the surplus production of furniture, bags, and shoes, the vegetable-tanned leather is first being washed and granulated, and then pressed together with natural rubber from trees. The resulting quality consists of 80 % real leather and 20 % natural rubber which is then dyed with water-based colour and decorated with beautiful surface structures and patterns. In other words, a very versatile material that is not only being used for table setting items.

Preben Lind further elaborates how he went from designing table setting products to entire furniture concepts: “Seeing how this unique material could elevate even simple table settings, motivated me to further explore how the material could be used on furniture design and for creating a captivating look by combining beautifully paired and honest materials. We at LIND DNA truly look forward to revealing our latest furniture concepts for the press and design lovers on this journey of ours that has only just begun”.

The aim for LIND DNA is to make interior items that continuously interlinks aesthetics, functionality, choice of materials and sustainability in a very clear and consistent design language. During 3daysofdesign, the Aarhus-based design company will reveal three of their latest furniture and furniture concepts in their 200 m2 Copenhagen showroom.

Want to learn more? Visit the showroom during 3daysofdesign, where inspiring events will take place. If you are not in Copenhagen, follow the press room of LIND DNA at 3daysofdesign.dk/press-lind-dna where events will be shown subsequently.

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